About the Artist

Sheila Holness (N.D.D. A.T.C.) qualified originally as a painter and potter and taught art, specialising in pottery, in secondary and adult education for 10 years, before beginning to explore her interest in enamelling and then in jewellery design and making. She began selling her work at Craft Fairs, whilst bringing up her young family, in the mid-1970s, firstly her enamelled pieces and then developing work in silver and gold. Once the children were grown, and Malcolm, her husband, had retired, she extended the number of Craft Shows venturing as far afield as Scotland and the Channel Islands. She also began to sell through shops and galleries. She was a full member of the Surrey Guild of Craftsmen, as a jeweller, for 25 years, until moving to Somerset in 2002, when she was elected as a member of the Somerset Guild.

All Sheila's work is handmade in Somerset. She works in Sterling silver, 9ct & 18ct gold. Each piece is designed and made by her alone. All the gold pieces, and all silver pieces weighing over 7gms (and some weighing less) bear a British Hallmark. Her style is unique, and very much her own. Some pieces are handmade, some cast, and some a combination of both. Designs are based on smooth, flowing curves, or the movements of water as it flows around obstructions. She loves contrasts; polished metal against matt or textured surfaces; solid metal against open wire work, gold against silver, or combinations of red, yellow and white gold.

Stones, where used, are the focal point in the overall design, and she enjoys combining their colours in unexpected and subtle ways. She particularly loves Opal, for its endless variety, and Tourmaline, for its vast range of slightly offbeat colours. She will happily set your own stones, either into an existing design, or into a new one created to suit your personality and style. Alternatively you can choose from her stock of very beautiful opals and other stones,or have a special stone found for you, at the price and quality you desire.

In the early 1990s, Sheila began to design and produce a set of Miniature Garden Tools in silver. These have proved to be extremely popular for gardeners and doll's house enthusiasts. The set is still expanding, often at the instigation of a customer who might request a particular tool, and she is always happy to listen to suggestions for more items!

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