April 2012

The Silver Garden site has now been open for several years, also the Jewellery site. I am delighted with the response from both of them, particularly as they have generated orders from the US, Australia and Europe - customers whom I could not have reached by any other means.

I have added 2 new tools to the Silver Garden since the site opened; the Sussex Rake and the Scythe. The Jewellery site has had new things added from time to time and I have added new chains earrings and pendants, based on Gingko biloba leaves, and a selection of cufflinks and brooches, which are becoming popular once more.

The downside, which I truly regret, is that, having held my prices steady for the last 5 years, the price of precious metals, particularly gold, has recently risen to such an extent that I have been forced to put the prices up. I like it no more than I'm sure you do, but unfortunately it has become necessary.

All the galleries I supply have been stocked up with sufficient work to last for some time, and I have work in stock, of course, myself. All work I have in stock is available for mail order.

Best wishes to you all, existing customers and new,

Sheila Holness

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